lim·ber [lim-bər]

  1. characterized by ease in bending the body; supple; lithe.
    synonyms: lithe, supple, nimble, lissome, flexible, fit, agile, acrobatic, loose-jointed, loose-limbed
  2. bending readily; flexible; pliant.

tech·nol·o·gy [tekˈ·nä·lə·jē]

  1. The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.
    synonyms:automation, mechanization, applied science, high tech, machinery, computers, software
  2. Machinery, devices and software developed from scientific knowledge.

Limber Technology

  1. Technology of interest to LimberTech; e.g., ASP.NET, Rails, web development, SQL Server, raspberry pi, network security...
  2. Materials associated with LimberTech.